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Project Management


The project management talent to overcome any challenge keeps our customers coming back. The rms Surgical project management process is what keeps our customers returning with new projects. Our dedicated team of project managers, supported by the formal process, ensures that each project is charting a clear course for on-time delivery and within-budget costs. The process is designed for frequent and accurate communication: each member of your team will have a dedicated “go-to” professional to answer your questions, update your project status, and make sure you’re always on target

sidebar21Identifying critical milestones makes all the difference

All milestones are important for any complex project. But our experience has taught us that there are several milestones critical to keeping your project on time and within budget. Eliminating surprises and missed communications is what it’s all about.

rms Surgical critical milestones

The engineers and manufacturing personnel at rms Surgical have years of experience manufacturing medical products and know what it takes.

Design for Manufacturability (DFM) Review
The DFM review provides a detailed evaluation and discussion of your designs and tolerances to ensure that the products can be manufactured at a reasonable cost. The review also guarantees that a stable manufacturing process is feasible and meets your quality requirements.

Order Review (OR) Meeting
Led by the assigned project manager, the OR meeting ensures that our entire team understands the project scope and timeline. We use a detailed checklist to make sure the team understands the requirements and has all the information necessary to begin the detailed project work.

To maximize our production throughput and meet the targeted completion date, it is critical that the project be completely ready for production once it is actually sent to the manufacturing floor. This includes a review of all the requirements and documentation plus the fixturing, tooling, gauging, etc. Your project manager will reference a detailed checklist to ensure your project is ready for production. The goal is to create the smoothest possible manufacturing cycle.

rms Surgical takes pride in its continuous improvement program, which includes a formal post mortem following all key projects. The post mortem gives us the important opportunity to learn from our experience and take any measures necessary should we need to improve our planning and performance on future projects.